Why Rudy Fernandez Makes Sense For The Boston Celtics

Rudy Fernandez has recently expressed interest in joining the Boston Celtics.

Not many 6’6″ athletic shooting guards who shoot slightly under 40% from distance find themselves stuck on the bench.  Unfortunately for Rudy Fernandez, he has found  himself in that exact situation.

He had always been coming off of the bench due to the fact that he played the same position as Brandon Roy, but now that Portland has signed Wesley Matthews, Fernandez has found himself in a tough spot. He knows that he is talented and loaded with potential, but he is tired of waiting for his chance.

The Boston Globe reported that the Boston Celtics are a trade option for Fenandez. This would be an over-the-top move for the Celtics if they pull the trigger.

Realistically, Fernandez would be the sixth or seventh man on the team. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen need a reliable back-up since Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels have proven to be streaky. Offensively, Fernandez is a gifted player. He can play as a shooter, as he did for Portland, or he can be a slasher, as he did in Europe. This type of versatility is the reason why many fans believe that Fernandez can reach the same level as Manu Ginobili.

The reason why Boston is an appealing situation for this young swingman is that he can contribute more often on this team and will get his chance to shine in the future.

With Rajon Rondo as the new face of this franchise, Fernandez is also an intriguing piece to build with for the future. Not to mention Avery Bradley also being a nice piece. A future starting lineup featuring Rondo, Bradley, Fernandez, and Kendrick Perkins projects well.

The Big 3 are just a few years away from shutting down and making this move would prevent them from having to rebuild again. They would simply be reloading.

Should the Celtics make a move for Rudy Fernandez? Please comment below to start a discussion!

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